august 17 open day, plant sale, native plant talk & workshop

ON SATURDAY August 17, join me and Adam Wheeler of Broken Arrow Nursery in my garden for tours and a giant plant sale, plus attend a native plant talk and/or workshop by ecological horticulturist Dan Jaffe, co-author of “Native Plants for New England Gardens” and former staffer of New England Wild Flower Society. We have a great day planned.

open garden and plant sale

10 AM-4 PM: Margaret Roach garden open, plus Broken Arrow Nursery plant sale, Copake Falls; suggested donation at door to the Garden Conservancy, but no reservation required (and no donation to just shop the plant sale). (Directions to the garden, in tiny Copake Falls, NY, 12517, will be on the Garden Conservancy Open Days website.)

plant sale pre-orders welcome!

WANT something extra-large or extra-special, or a whole flat or something, perhaps? Adam Wheeler and Broken Arrow Nursery at your service! Call ahead for help/garden advice to Broken Arrow, (203) 288-1026, and tell them to put your purchase on the truck August 17, for pickup at Margaret’s garden. Browse their website here. ORDER CUTOFF DATE WEDNESDAY, August 14.

native plant events with dan jaffe

9:30 AM-11:00 AM: “For Us and Them: How Native Plants Can Feed Us and Pollinators,” with Dan Jaffe

Want to create a garden that is inviting, and delicious, for “us and them” — people, and pollinators alike? Join Dan Jaffe, co-author of Native Plants for New England Gardens and longtime ecological horticulturist, formerly of New England Wild Flower Society, to learn how low-maintenance native plants can feed us and the pollinators together.

The most common reason people choose to grow plants might have traditionally been aesthetic in nature, but simple beauty is not always enough, and the skyrocketing popularity lately of pollinator gardens and surging interest in wild edibles demonstrate that. But these trends can be complicated.

Which plants attract which pollinators? Which perennial, low-maintenance wild edibles are resistant to diseases and pests? What if you could have it all: a beautiful, edible garden that supports myriad pollinators. Best of all: what if it could be easy? Come learn from Dan in “Us and Them: How Native Plants Can Feed Us and the Pollinators.” Get all the details and reserve a spot.

11:15-1:30 PM: “Bring Life to the Landscape” Native Plant Workshop

With reports of habitat decline, pollinator collapse and a changing climate, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed when tackling landscape work. Can we still build a beautiful garden? Which plants actually help pollinators? And how do we practice ecological landscape techniques?

Join Dan Jaffe, co-author of Native Plants for New England Gardens, longtime ecological horticulturist and former staffer of New England Wild Flower Society, to learn how, with intelligent plant choices, we can build spaces that not only look beautiful but feed the local ecosystem as well without the maintenance often associated with overly formal landscaping.

With “classroom” time inside to discuss foundational ideas, followed by an outdoor walk to look at real-garden examples nearby, we will cover everything from site preparation, species choices, working in established landscapes and the value of plants that can play many different roles simultaneously. Get all the details and reserve a spot.


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  1. Martha Fitzer says:

    I just have to say that Dan Jaffe is a handsome dude! Wish I dudn’t Live so far away in western New York! I’ll be there in spirit! Have fun!

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Margaret, I’m a bit unclear is the August 17 date a tour if your garden? ( I’ll be DEVASTATED if it isn’t) . My husband and daughter are joining me . Do we need tickets? Do we need to reserve a slot? I’ve wanted to come for years and FINALLY get to do so. I look forward to your response.

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