archived ghosts (er, posts) of marches past

THERE ARE SO MANY GOODIES hidden here between the floorboards and inside the walls—you know, in the blog’s archives, where I went scavenging today for greatest hits from Marches past (now that we’ve reached our fifth March online!). Look at the stories I found that are perfect for this month of 2012, too, including (above) a daphne that’s about to pop and a frog that’s always the first to signal the unfolding season:

  1. Deborah Banks says:

    Which reminds me to wonder if the daphne mezereum plants I sent you a couple years ago survived? I hope most of them did, though I guess they’d still be too small to bloom this year.

  2. Sam Hunting says:

    Only six weeks away from Memorial Day, when we can plant! (Although, to be fair, wintersowing helps, as will that cold frame I’m about to build…)

  3. mo says:

    I am about to reach my first year of blogging and realized I should have started a bloom calendar. I cant wait for the time I have 5 years of information to share. Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. margaret says:

      Good idea, Mo. I am terrible about this — better since I started the blog in 2008, and have those records online, but not good otherwise!

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