andre & i set up shop: get your doodle postcards!

TO CELEBRATE THREE YEARS OF DOODLES BY ANDRE JORDAN on A Way to Garden–yes, it’s three years this week!–Andre and I have set up shop, finally delivering on your demand that we offer postcards of some of his weekly doodles. We’ve put together 15-card sets for just $10 a pack. The hardest part was selecting which of the archive to print first.

To start, we created a 15-card cellophane pack of “I miss you dear friend” (what better all-purpose “thinking of you” greeting could there be?) and a 15-card set combining five different doodles, three of each one of those in the slides whose thumbnails are clickable below.
All postcards are printed on 4-by-6-inch matte heavy card stock. The backs are blank, except for the small words crediting the artist and our blogs. (Note: colors are truer in the individual images than in the composite photo up top.)

‘I miss you’ 15-Card Set
Doodles in this set include:

  • Bird (I miss you dear friend.)

Mixed 15-Card Set
Doodles in this set include:

  • Bird (I miss you dear friend.)
  • Weeds (The weeds are very sorry. They promise never to do it again.)
  • Potting Shed (Meet me in the potting shed at 8 pm sharp. (you won’t regret it!)
  • Essential Garden Tools
  • Seeds (You must scatter the seeds. Love the Seeds. Have complete faith in the seeds. Only then, will they become all that you hoped for.)

Where to Get the Goods

  1. Karen Leslie says:

    …a beautiful saying with a little bird to deliver it…will buy some for the ones I love….thanks, what a fab idea…KL

  2. Carl says:

    Happy 3rd!! What wonderful things you both have done…:-)

    I love the postcards – what a great way to stay in touch!

    JustRSize Acres

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