and the frogs were listening

last-swim-of-fall2WHETHER IT WAS THE ELECTION NEWS, THE 60-PLUS TEMPERATURES, a question from a commenter named Mars about photographing the sleeping frogboys…or the fact that I had just told you they were spending the winter in a tissue box, the frogboys made themselves known the last two days, after two weeks AWOL. “We hear you,” they said with their eyes as they bobbed to the top again. “We’re listening, Margaret, even when you think we’re sleeping. Watch it.”

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  1. Nancy says:

    Oh so handsome, your frogboys! The frogs in my pond are very shy and refuse to be photographed. They must have come up because the weather is so warm and I wonder if they think their winter nap is already over. A couple of days ago I had to stop and escort a very large snapping turtle across a busy street near my home. I’ve never seen one out in November before. I suppose they will all be settling in to sleep again soon. Thanks for the pic!

  2. margaret says:

    Hi, Nancy. Offer them a talent agreement with benefits and royalties…they will cooperate if there’s something in it for them. :)

  3. anna says:

    Those guys of yours are so special. Favorite one? Do you know any thing about cat nip that you could purchase in the pet stores? Safe for my boys? Anna

  4. margaret says:

    Welcome, Anna. My favorite boy of 2008 is the one shown on this post. Don’t tell the others I am playing favorites, or who knows what they will do to me. As for catnip, I think it’s fine, and I know there are organic sources these days.

  5. Maree says:

    Hi, is that a Toad? I had one snapping at my heels a couple of weeks ago, disturbed him in his under-ground burrouw as I was digging up a plant – GREAT picture!

  6. Melissa says:

    Margaret, I recently found your blog, after reading the article about you in The Washington Post. Your frog boys make me smile. :) Thanks for sharing them with us! What a fun mental picture for me, as I head out the door to take my dog for her walk.

  7. margaret says:

    Welcome, Melissa. The only drawback to the frogboys: They failed obedience school and simply will not cooperate w/the leash/walk routine. See you soon again I hope.

  8. Mars says:

    Oh awesome, Margaret!

    Boy do I want to take credit here, lol! ;D But I suspect, like you, it was most likely a collective yearning to see them again.

    OR maybe it was the election after all. That was pretty darn spectacular! I guess it doesn’t matter. We got our hello. Yay!

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