howarehisleavesYOU KNOW THE WAY A BEST FRIEND wants to know the details of your latest intrigue, based on whatever the friend likes most about objects of intrigue herself. (Forgive me, gentlemen; just swap all the pronouns in this post to suit.) “How are his manners?” she’ll ask, and “His sense of humor? His smile?” Here’s what I’d ask if I were your best friend and you had your eye on someone new, especially in the perennial department: How are his leaves? It’s leaves after all that dictate a plant’s character, hanging on as they do longer than most any flower. When you go plant shopping be sure to ask the all-important question: How are his leaves? (Agastache foeniculum ‘Golden Jubilee’ and Geranium phaeum ‘Samobor’ have nothing to worry about in my way of thinking. Who cares if these hotties ever bloom?)

  1. annie says:

    Love this parallel. I will now and forever think “how are his leaves?” every time I go to the garden store.

  2. Andrew Ritchie says:

    I’m always surprised by the number of people who bypass lasting foliage for the pomp of a fleeting flower. But, I guess there will always be those who prefer quickies.


  3. GardenGuyKenn says:

    Plant pick up line: “Great leaves… care to grab some water, settle into some good, rich, soil and catch a few rays together?”

  4. margaret says:

    Welcome, Country Gardener. Yes, fresh leaves are the very best, but too few people appreciate them compared to flowers, which seem to get all the attention. Glad you see what I mean.

  5. margaret says:

    You (like Andrew) are a naughty boy. I am totally G-rated, never a wicked thought in this sweet, innocent brain of mine. ;-)

  6. margaret says:

    Welcome, Dee…all the way from Red Dirt Country. I suspected visiting your blog that we would agree on various things–and this is one of them.

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