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  1. Renee Shamosh says:

    Thank you for your wonderful presentation yesterday at the Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference.
    Renee Shamosh, Horticulture Co-chair, Garden Club of Irvington

  2. Susan says:

    I M losing my cherished but reduced ability to garden. I have a progressive movement disorder and each year as I contemplate what is possible , I realize someone else will do for me what they can. But there were so many possibilities when we first came here. I think I may choose to follow you in your adventures so to replace my own — let the garden grow!

    1. margaret says:

      Let the garden grow indeed, outdoors and also in. I take great pleasure in my indoor plant companions, too — the houseplants demand much less attention and give me lots of joy. Thanks for your very poignant comment, Susan.

  3. Ed White says:

    Loved the feature on you April 1, 2021. I never thought of gardening as a life practice, but now that I have that in my mind, it seems like how I’ve felt about it forever.

    1. margaret says:

      Thank you, Ed for kind words. Yes, for me it is just that … and I am glad that it is (even if till now subconsciously) for you, too.

  4. Mary Burton says:

    Your blog will not except my email address. I would love to receive your newsletter. I’ve tried many times,,it’s the only addy I have.
    I’m reading your books and loving them.

    1. margaret says:

      I emailed you, Mary, with instructions how to send an email to my newsletter company (AWeber) to unblock your address from their lists. Happens occasionally with certain email companies, but easy to fix. Look for an email from me with the details.

  5. George Elliott says:

    I retired from teaching horticulture at UConn, now enjoy more time tending my own garden. I was instantly taken by the sensibility of your writing. I’m neither organic (don’t get me started on the USDA NOP) nor vegetarian, but nevertheless discern an affinity in attitude. Many years ago I spent a week in a Zendo in LA, and my main take-away from that experience was meditation in motion. Draw water, carry wood; pull weeds, spread mulch.

    1. margaret says:

      Thanks for the nice note, George. I do practice weeding as a moving meditation indeed, and often refer to it as such. Love hearing from others who approach it (and each task) likewise.

  6. Barbara Geltosky says:

    Thank you for your many years of gardening advice in the NYT and online.
    Your article about the eucomis prompted me to comment because I’m an experienced gardener and these dont seem too much in the public eye. I first started growing them in pots in Pennsylvania , although when I moved to oregon they finally went into the ground. Time will tell if they appear after our particularly awful winter, but I’m optimistic!
    And crinums, I guess theyre fancier “naked ladies” of yore. More learning. I ordered a few !
    Thanks again!

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Barbara. Yes, lucky you can grow Eucomis in the ground. (I know you had a very bad winter and hope they are OK.) The “naked ladies” common name is usually referring to Lycoris squamigera or to Amaryllis belladonna…I don’t know if Crinum are ever called that as a common name. Lucky you to be able to try some though…I may in a pot do a test run with one!

  7. Audrey Dempsey says:

    Not sure if I am still on your email list. If not, please put me back on. I do not seem to be getting your regular newsletters, although I received this one today. I have learned so much from you! Have been gardening for most of 50 years or more–sometimes less and sometimes more–since my 30’s.

  8. Christopher Calia says:

    Each time Margaret interviews an author, she holds a book give away. But, I don’t see a link or email address to enter the drawing. What am I missing?

  9. Sally Long says:

    I’ve been getting your weekly podcast for several years and enjoy it very much. However I did NOT receive the Feb 4 podcast about zinnias. Can you check on this ?

  10. I enjoyed the Siskyu zinnia podcast and yes i have grown zinnias in my garden for at least 15 year. Lately i have succumbed to the Queen varieties but i love the tom thumb shorties for containers, i bout the tide pool selection and the fire starter and the crazy legs from siskyu. I appreciate these interviews with small seed companies because it is very hard to find them on my own thanks to you i now order from the Turtle seed company and i like their selection but the web site hard to navigate but I persevere. I garden in north carolina and am always looking for varieties that can take the heat mildew and moldys times. Anyhow I love your podcast, your voice and Ken Drews are special to me.until next week, yours, Christine

  11. Good morning Margaret,
    A long time ago our families intertwined.
    I’ve been following your passionate work with nature and I’m still in touch with your sister.
    My wife and I are active in the organic farming/gardening community in New England with NOFA and I’m making good trouble on my town’s Sustainable Green Committee.
    Margaret, you inspire us.
    And I love the many threads of connection from the Douglaston world.
    Hope our paths cross soon.

    1. margaret says:

      Thanks for the kind words and the surprise visit, Donald. Very sweet. I knew through my sister that you were farming in MA and hope and other good season is underway!

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