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‘I do so enjoy your newsletters. I can have 15 or 20 unopened e-mails staring at me and I will always look at  yours.’—E.

I LIKE HAVING YOU AROUND, SEE? I hope it’s mutual. You can just show up spontaneously, anytime; we’re always open. But even better: subscribe to my free email newsletter by inserting your email into the form below–in the lower half of the little box (where you can also subscribe to my weekly podcasts). That way you won’t miss anything, ever.

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Once (or occasionally twice) a week year-round, I publish an edition that rounds up what’s on the podcast and website. I also try to let you know what else I’m up to—in the garden and otherwise—whether an event I’m giving, or my newest book, or an occasional rant about the weather, or about a great link or website I’m enjoying or a workshop I’m giving, or who knows what.

Here’s my commitment: I won’t use your email for anything else, or share it with any other person or company. If I get to be too much, you can unsubscribe at any time from the link on any issue with a simple click, though I hope our relationship won’t come to that.

Here are more examples of subscriber feedback:

“Thank you so much for your blog and your honesty.  The bright green frog has been a welcome ‘hello’ the last few months.  I feel connected to you through our mutual love of nature and our commitment to work in it.”—A.

“I’ve been enjoying your gardening newsletter for about a year–it inspires me to do more with my northern garden, informs me of myriad possibilities, yet with a comforting context for things that don’t always work out.”–L.

“You are a brave soul and are living the dream. I love feeling connected to you and your garden/life adventures through your newsletter.”–S.

“Margaret, you’ll never get rid of me. Thank you for your generosity.”—P.

Ready to subscribe? As the fat frog at the top of any page on this website will tell you, the newsletter is ribbiting. Don’t miss out! Oh, and the podcast is pretty popular, too.

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