abies koreana, queen of the cones

abies koreana cones 2011
AS MANY TIMES AS I HAVE SEEN THEM, I’m always startled when the Korean fir, Abies koreana, puts out a fresh crop of purple “pine” cones each year at this time. They’re a favorite of wildlife (and the gardener) here; read the full profile of this great conifer, or browse through all my conifer stories anytime.

  1. Terryk says:

    Margaret I posted a question in the q&a forum on Cryptomeria japonica ‘Sekkan Sugi’ but have had no feedback. I hope you don’t mind me asking here if you or anyone has any info on this one, I saw one in a nursery and it screamed gold, take me home. But before I do I was trying to get clarification on the mature size. The tag said 10′ x 5-6′ but online it says it is much taller. Also right now it looks somewhat open branched and weeping in form. Pictures on line show it as more solid.

    1. Margaret says:

      I don’t know, Terry, as I believe they are a bit tender for me. But…I often put my trust in the info from Great Plant Picks out in Seattle (allowing for the difference of climate, of course). They say it gets to that size in the first 10 years, twice that high and wide or more in its lifetime. Often the tags put the 10-year results which I think it stupid, of course (which is why my paths are overrun by one shrub or tree here and there and everywhere).

  2. terryk says:

    Thanks for answering Margaret. I have to give this a bit more thought before buying it. By the way I was at Claire’s nursery in Patterson/Pawling this afternoon and I hear you have been there too. It was my first visit, what a nice nursery. Lots of interesting things.

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