a way to grow: my new partnership!


I AM PLEASED—MAKE THAT HONORED—to announce that A Way to Garden (that’s me, Margaret Roach) is partnering with the incredible You Grow Girl dot com (that’s Gayla Trail, online since 2000 and like me, an author of multiple books) to create a marketplace of green-friendly and relevant ads for products and services that will appear on both of our sites simultaneously.

Reflecting our common values—organic practices, grow-your-own and cook-it-up, and love (obsession?) with great plants of all descriptions—Gayla and I are recruiting very special sponsors whose ads will complement the stories and images we each produce for you year-round. (You may recall my Q&A with Gayla from last year; if not, get acquainted. She’s the one who always calls me a badass, which at my age delights me.)

The backstory:

Over the last few years as our friendship has grown, Gayla and I have realized how similar we really are: Give us a keyboard, a camera and a WordPress installation (the platform our sites run on) and away we go! Give us plants—well, watch out. We’re also similar in this kind of awareness:

We know that running a website that is both rich in features, secure from spam and other intrusions, and kept up to date with lots of new, homemade content is a labor of love—but it’s also a big investment of time and money.

Together, we are confident we can help offset some of the costs and thereby do more of the work here that we love, connecting even more with you.

What this means:

  • Small ads will appear simultaneously in the right-hand sidebar on both of our sites (they’ll be like the “buttons” you see there now for my own web features like my radio podcast and resource page).
  • All ads are vetted by us collectively.
  • We promise to do our best to only feature products and services that we either use ourselves in our home gardens and homes and that are in keeping with our values. No Big Chemical sponsorship or unconscionable ads of any kind.
  • The revenue generated by these ads will help to cover the operating costs associated with the running of our sites and allow us to grow the content we can create and publish for you.

If you are a prospective advertiser, you may wish to request our Media Kit; start at the sponsorship page for details.

    1. Margaret says:

      Thanks, Michelle. I am grateful that Gayla and I are doing this together; just too much being one-woman bands on every last task! :)

  1. Denise says:

    Sounds like a good move for you. Hopefully this will give you more time in the garden where you can do more of those tasks that only you can do (read enjoy it).

  2. Bee Girl says:

    This is exciting! I admire you both and am happy you have figured out a way to work together that will be beneficial for both of you! Sounds like a good deal all around :-)

  3. Dorothy says:

    The new website and your new partnership are wonderful. Thank you for bringing us the best of the garden world. All the best to you too.

  4. Lorie says:

    Congrats! Two very smart women; one great solution to dividing and conquering. One can only imagine what it takes to accomplish what you do…..just know your efforts are savored and appreciated to the max.

  5. Margaret (and Gayla)–what a natural progression and a great fit. Like peas in a pod in an organic garden. The look of the site is much more orderly which helps my randomness–thank you!
    I look forward to more great posts and info.

    1. Margaret says:

      Love that description, jJody Collins. Peas in a pod, indeed (except Gayla’s a much “fresher,” aka younger, pea than this old seed, tee hee.)

  6. Amanda says:

    My two most favorite of all the gardening sites on the web are teaming up to allow themselves to keep doing what they’re doing? Awesome! What a great idea! Good luck! I’d be happy if you made billions!

    1. Margaret says:

      Thanks, Amanda. We are appreciative of the good words. Billions probably not forthcoming…but grocery money and hosting/tech costs would be good! :)

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