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facebook pageCHECKING OFF MY TO-DO’S HERE AS I APPROACH the March relaunch of A Way to Garden, with nifty new improvements, and this was on the list: “Make fan page for garden blog.” And so I did, though “fan page” sounds a lot less appealing than “friends page” or “group page,” which is what we used to have quite happily. According to Facebook’s Rules of Order, so to speak, things like blogs have “fans,” though. Join if you choose, and don’t worry: no peer pressure whatsoever. I am grateful for your company wherever you choose to offer it.

  1. Sharon says:

    Margaret — I thought I would be an early bird fan, but 720 people beat me to it. How wonderful. I enjoy your blog so much — it’s my homepage! Kep up the inspiration for us all.

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