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top_10_gardening (1)THANKS TO THE EDITORS at Better Homes and Gardens for nominating this website as a Top 10 Gardening Blog. I am always grateful for the opportunity to have A Way to Garden seen by gardeners who may not know of it, and contests like this are one way that happens. The voting is taking place on the BHG contest site (and is a little wonky, admittedly…if you land on the fashion, food or decorating blog voting pages first, you have to click “select” under “skip this category” to get to the gardening entries).

It’s a great place to explore some other garden websites you may not know about as well, and you will quickly notice I am at least 200 years older than any other entry in any category, which I think puts me in a category of my own, tee hee. Thank you if you decide to cast a favorable vote while you’re there.

  1. Judith Henry says:

    Congrats, Margaret! I voted for you. At least, I think I did. You’re right – the BHG site is kind of wonky. BTW – Everyone looks 12 years old to me, anymore. You are in a category of your own, and it’s nothing to do with age.

  2. Catherine H says:

    Congratulations! It was pretty easy to find you–the link worked perfectly. I consult your site regularly and hope you get many more readers.

  3. Jackie Barry says:

    Hi Margaret, Wow, you should be nominated for an award! You know, while learning more about gardening is ostensibly why I began reading your wonderful blog and book (must have checked “A Way To Garden” out of the NYC 96th Street library 6 or 7 times!) the real reason is your kindly writing style and the way you strive to make a sincere connection with your readers. You welcome us into your world, instead of turning us off with this endless “all-about-me” showing off that seems to be so prevalent. And you pass along lots of information about unusual plants and techniques, often from correspondents that we would never have access to. Thank you, and hope you win!

  4. Sharon says:

    Didn’t know to vote, but sure would have. I’ve been a fan since not so long after you started (under another email). Well deserved. You continue to be an inspiration and source of delicious, delightful, daring, and dog-gone good information.

  5. Chris Wells says:

    Dear Margaret, I have been reading your blog for about a year and just subscribed to a new magazine, Country Gardens, and was so pleased to find you as their new columnist! Enjoyed the article about your Life in Freezer Jars. I will be sure to let Country Gardens know also.
    Even though I live in a drought stricken area of West Texas, I enjoy your blog and articles! I keep learning. Thank you.
    Chris Wells out here in the wilds of West Texas! Where everything either stings you, stabs you, sticks you, or bites you!

  6. Ferne says:

    Congrats! Margaret. You’ve earned that position and a spot in our hearts too.

    Please do something about that ice…one fall can redirect a life.

    From the North Okanagan of British Columbia.

    1. margaret says:

      Thanks, Ferne — and no ice at all this non-winter. Typically from late November till near end of March I never go outside without special grippers on my boots, and sand/salt is a regular. This year I never took those crampons out once!

      1. Pat says:

        Please share the details about those special grippers when you next make recommendations about the equipment and gear you like, Margaret. That part of your blog is among my favorites. I know I can trust your recommendations to be thoroughly field-tested and untainted by silly trendiness.

  7. Jane Barnard says:

    Congratulations….such an informative and FUN blog…thanks Margaret ..I look forward to a good read and learning new things each time……….Jane

  8. Michelle in WI, zone 5b says:

    That is a well deserved nomination. I just voted for your blog and am heading back to BHG to explore some of those other garden and food blogs that were nominated.

  9. Tina Knowlton says:

    Just voted for you Margaret! Interesting: I’ve never heard of those other bloggers – teeny boppers all! – or their blogs. I’ve been at a few of your presentations, and for 200, you’re looking pretty good! Seriously, I’ve read and reread your books several times and each time I see something I hadn’t learned before. Love your blog (I started before I knew what a blog was!) and hope you continue it until you’re 400. Thank you for all the effort, inspiration, education, and fun you put into it.

  10. Judy R. says:

    Over last weekend went to a lecture at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria by Thomas Rainer and Claudia West on their new book ‘Planting in a Post Wild World’. Learned about this book from your podcast. Have not missed a podcast since. You got my vote on BRG!

  11. Poulsbo garden lady says:

    I voted and hope you win! Good luck and thanks for providing a great resource for gardeners! I have one request…with the west coast experiencing dry summers and water shortages, would you consider providing some tips on how to be a good citizen (not a water waster) yet still have a beautiful garden? My husband and I are in the proces of relocating to Sonoma CA from our beautiful garden in western Washington…very different considerations. I have been doing lots of reading including Beth Chatto’s Gravel Gardening and lots about CA natives but would love some of your wise guidance too. Thanks so much!

  12. Lorie Conrey says:

    Everything you present is so down to earth (tee-hee) and relevant…and…above all, understandable at first reading. If I could have a true garden buddy, by my side or here via computer, I could not wish more for anyone who always brings along a smile, an attitude of acceptance and git ‘er done. We have all learned buckets about new and unusual, better and best, and that we all face problems no matter how hard we have followed the “rules”. It’s really fun to find that something in the “East” translates to something in the “Midwest”. It’s just a joy to find you in my mailbox and I thank you!!!!

    1. margaret says:

      How exceptionally kind of you, Lorie, to say all that! And yes, for the most part our regions do translate…though this year I think you got a winter and it skipped us (frustrating!).

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