a memoir-writing book for my sister’s birthday

MY SISTER, MARION, CALLS IT “OUR GREAT EXPERIMENT.” Big sister Margaret (that’s me) calls it “Why not, and can-do.” It’s the release today (on the occasion of Marion’s “29th” birthday) of baby sister’s fourth book by none other than Margaret-turned-publisher. Happy birthday, Marion. I think that’s the most unusual gift I ever got you. :) It’s also a must-have for anyone doing memoir-style writing–whether in print or on a blog–since that’s what Marion’s been teaching to sold-out classes for 13 years. Her tips helped me finish my own memoir, due out next February, which is how I got the idea to publish them. Get the details (and the book) by the red-headed Roach sister and birthday girl. It’s amazing what you can whip up at your kitchen table these days!

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Kay. Watch out, Marion will have you “writing with intent,” as she calls it, and getting that manuscript DONE. She is fierce. :) See you soon again, I hope.

  1. maria says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARION! Congratulations to both Roach sisters-I’m a big fan of sisters (I’m oldest of four girls ) and in particular both of you. So very happy for you! I’m off to the bookstore!!

  2. Just ordered it. Can’t wait. Happy Birthday, Marion. And many thanks — to both of you — for words that lovingly (clearly) open our world.

    (And, as a fellow redhead, it looks like there’s soon to be another Marion book in my cart. Will have to create a special bookshelf for the two of you. Near something green.)

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Mark. Yes, it would. It’s small, fun, can-do. Very inspirational. They probably have copies at Bookloft in Great Barrington, since the printer we used is part-owned by them. : )

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