a meetup at broken arrow nursery: join us july 13

JOIN ADAM WHEELER and the entire Broken Arrow Nursey team at the nursery in Hamden, CT, as they welcome me, Margaret Roach, for a day of talks, workshops, and guided shopping. Come with your Urgent Garden Questions (as I refer to them) and get them answered.

Note that there are 2 separate events — select a ticket for one or both at checkout using the form below.

10-11:15 talk by margaret, ‘making a garden for the birds’

Margaret always says the birds taught her to garden. And she thanks them.

What started out decades ago as merely a semi-conscious wish to see more birds ended up bringing nearly 70 avian species into her Hudson Valley garden each year, each in its own time.

In this slide lecture, she share her “if I knew then what I know now” aha’s about setting realistic aims (no, not every site is going to attract bluebirds no matter how many boxes you buy!) and accomplishing them—all with in the context of a visually pleasing home landscape.

We’ll cover:

  • Take proper aim: Before you misdirect efforts, how to evaluate what birds you can potentially attract, anyway
  • The top 7 guidelines for making a garden that makes birds right at home, including…
  • … how to “retrofit” an existing garden that may be more aesthetically driven or a collector’s garden
  • The powerhouse plant genera that are key elements of inviting birds, wherever you garden
  • Creating what I call bio-hedges and other mixed plantings to make birds at home—and finding room for them in your yard
  • Best practices for bird-feeding, nest boxes, and other non-plant garden elements (both do’s and don’ts)
  • Plus lots of amazing avian “aha’s” I’ve gleaned along the way, and…
  • …the “must” resources online and off that will plug you into the location-specific info you need

A handout will be provided including top plants, links to online resources to continue your learning, and more.

Followed by shopping with personalized help from us.

If you plan to stay for the afternoon event, bring your lunch to picnic informally at the nursery, or plan to visit one of the local restaurants mentioned on this page on the Broken Arrow website (where we also list nearby gardens to visit and other destination nurseries).

1:30-3:30 pm plant walk & talk: guided walkabout-workshop with adam and margaret

We’ll focus on hot plants (of course!), emphasizing:

  • Summer-interest stars to fill the post-spring gap
  • The best hydrangeas, including new developments
  • Dual-purpose plants that create habitat and beauty
  • Plus: A summertime propagation 101 with master propagator Adam, focusing on things that you can multiply yourself (and how to make a simple set-up for doing so)

Note: afternoon event visitors are welcome to come early for shopping help during the lunch hour between classes (or shop afterward with our assistance, too). The nursery is open till 4:30 on Saturday.

Signed copies of Margaret’s new book “A Way to Garden” will be available for purchase.

Directions to the nursery.

  1. Stella Neves Elbaum says:

    I’ll post this to my garden clubs Facebook page – we all are big fans of Adam Wheeler, and this event can introduce them to Margaret too. I’ve been quoting Margaret to them for years,

  2. Kathy in Westminster, CO says:

    Hi Margaret, I hope you’ll post lots of tips online for attracting birds as some of your readers don’t live close enough to attend. I’ve been planting viburnums, aronia, sand cherries, dogwood, crabapples…etc. I have a small suburban lot in Westminster, Colorado and I’ve been getting rid of almost all my grass. The last section of front lawn gets removed this month. I killed my backyard grass using cardboard and plenty of organic matter. I’d love to know to know your favorite shrubs. I have an irrigation system and I’d rather have plants that attract pollinators and birds than water guzzling Kentucky blue grass. ‘Love your Sunday newsletters.

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