2013 open days, in my garden and nationwide

Garden Conservancy 2013 Open Days directoryTHERE IS NOTHING quite so odd, or informative, as watching people wander around your backyard and point to things you’ve never really noticed yourself. What a wakeup call it is to see though new eyes. That’s what I’ll be doing May 11, June 1 and August 17 when I host Garden Conservancy Open Days as I have for 16 years. On each date, a plant sale by irresistible Broken Arrow Nursery and lectures and workshops by visiting experts are scheduled to entice you to come make a day of it—plus other Garden Conservancy properties are open nearby my Hudson Valley, New York, garden. Will you join us? Details:
April 29 Margaret Roach garden

saturday, may 11

Garden open from 10-4; $5 suggested donation to the Garden Conservancy, no reservations required. Broken Arrow Nursery plant sale in my driveway, 10-4. 11 AM lecture just down the road on “Backyard Fruit Simplified” by Lee Reich (reserve tickets here); 2 PM grafting workshop by Lee Reich (tickets here). (Plus: one other Garden Conservancy property open nearby.)May 30, 2009 Margaret Roach patio garden

saturday, june 1

Garden open from 10-4; $5 suggested donation to the Garden Conservancy, no reservations required. Broken Arrow Nursery plant sale in my driveway, 10-4. (Plus: three other Garden Conservancy properties open nearby.)

Margaret Roach back garden, August

saturday, august 17

Garden open from 10-4; $5 suggested donation to be shared by the Garden Conservancy and Friends of Taconic State Park, no reservations required. My Open Day in August is part of a townwide celebration called Copake Falls Day. Broken Arrow Nursery plant sale in my driveway, 10-4. 11 AM lecture on “The Heirloom Life” by The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, just down the road (for ticket sales, click here). (Plus: four other Garden Conservancy properties open nearby.)

  •  Get details for getting here on my page on the Garden Conservancy website, along with information about other open gardens on each date.

visit gardens nationwide

The Garden Conservancy logoLEARN ABOUT the Garden Conservancy and its nearly 20-year-old nationwide Open Days program on their website, where you can also order the 2013 directory and discounted tickets. Suggested in-person donation is $5 at each garden, but tickets are 6 for $25 if pre-ordered, or 6 for $15 to Conservancy members. Nearly a million people have visited about 3,000 private gardens since the program began.

  1. Diana Pappas says:

    I will join you! I’ve wanted to come visit your garden for years now, it’s time! Also, I love Broken Arrow and the fruit lectures sound fabulous so it will be a perfect day trip for me and my Mom! Lots to learn and be inspired by, thanks for welcoming us visitors.

  2. Helga says:

    Hi Margaret, how I would love to come and tour your garden. The photo with your house and little pond shows a bushy very large leaved plant. Please tell me what it is. I recognize the photo from Martha Stewart magazine from long ago.
    I have all your books.

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Helga. It is a very aggressive perennial from Asia called Petasites. I planted it more than 20 years ago, before I knew how lusty it was! Love the giant leaves…but you will be fighting it to keep it in bounds (and losing). Nevertheless, I adore it. ;)

  3. Kathy Sturr of the Violet Fern says:

    I’m hoping I can make at least one of these dates. I would love to see your garden live and up close! I’m going to be adding sulphur to the soil surrounding my blueberry, too.

  4. Miriam Thornton says:

    I am a subscriber to your newsletters in the UK. I know that panicky feeling Margaret – we have a similar thing to you called the ‘National Garden Scheme’, which is the also known as the ‘yellow book’ of gardens open to the public. Our first opening date is 18th May and everday I take a wander around my small garden (70ft x 40ft) and look for more plants that may have emerged. We’ve had a long cold winter and all the plants seem to be taking at least three weeks longer to push through the soil. The shrubs also look a little weary and the leaves are taking ages to fully open. I just hope the visitors who join us on that day have enough to look at!!

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Miriam. I have used the Yellow Book many times! I feel as if I am 2 weeks “behind” too. The good news is that everyone who visits is a fellow gardener, basically, so they are up against the same thing. That’s my only comfort at the moment — that and the fact that even one week or warmer weather will bring on some color, I think!

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