the top 50 stories you clicked most in 2012

top garden storires 2012SO WHAT CAUGHT YOUR ATTENTION most of all in 2012, among the 1,200-ish stories on A Way to Garden so far? Well, apparently these were the top 50 stories, the topics you clicked on most during the year, A Way to Garden’s fifth online.

  1. Tracy says:

    I hope you know by now that I love this blog. When I first found it, I spent a rainy weekend reading every post since its inception, and haven’t missed one since. I have also bought all of your books, not because of pleading requests to do so on the blog, or testimonial after testimonial hitting me in the face as soon as the page loads, or even the many (did I say many?) “it’s coming”, or “it’s almost here”, then “it can be preordered now”, and ” it’s finally here!”, followed by “PLEASE buy my book”, and “if you want to do something for me, order my book NOW” highlighted sections on the blog’s front page.

    Margaret, I love you to death, and if I had my own blog and had the talent to write my own book, I’d probably be hyping it like crazy too…but sweet Jesus….please…let up a little. You’re wearing us out!

    Please don’t post this…I’m not trying to give this feedback publically, just to you. I love this blog, appreciate all commercial enterprises and buy your books because I want them, not in some repayment for reading your blog for free. So hate me, but I’ll still love you. Just suggest you put your marketing chops in time out for a while. :)

  2. Nadia@LoveLiveandGarden says:

    I’m not sure what exactly to comment on after reading the first comment :-) Both subjects are quite sweet :-) On the gardening note, I’m glad to see the topic of garlic won out.

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Nadia. I think garlic is my favorite thing to grow. Always rewards me, always feels special. Speaking of which…I should roast up some and enjoy it this weekend.

  3. Nadia@LoveLiveandGarden says:

    Hi Margaret, I love garlic and use tons and tons of it in cooking. My husband also uses it to make a natural cholesterol medicine which works better than any conventional prescription. This year is the first year I will be growing it myself. I’ve inter-planted it with my roses. I’m super excited! I will have to check out that post again come harvest time. Thanks again for the info!

  4. masongreene says:

    Joy to my world, thanks to you and “A Way to Garden”. Looking forward to reviewing your top 50 list for those posts I missed before learning of you late last summer.

  5. Miriam says:

    I am also a supporter of all you do. Love your blog and books and recipes and gardening tips. I have purchased plants for my gardens based on your suggestions and have never gone wrong. Particularly love my rosa gura! (Hope that’s the right spelling. No probably with marketing! Keep up the great work.

  6. Nancy says:

    I love everything about your newsletter and all the wonderful resources that you have brought to my attention. I know our vegetable garden would not have produced as much or been as diverse if it hadn’t been for you advice.

  7. mikeinportc says:

    I went to the favorite conifers at least 20 times . Along with other good examples, your photo of Chamaecyparis ‘Crispii’ is the best I’ve found. Was worth the proverbial 1000 words, in trying to explain what it does, and how best to grow it . Thank you. :)

  8. Claudia says:

    Margaret, I love you, your blog, and books. I want to say “thank you” to you, for all the continuous inspiration of all kinds. Have a wonderful Christmas, and may 2013 bring you continued health, happiness, and success.

  9. Brian G. says:

    Hey, Margaret. Wanted to wish you a great Christmas and an equally great new year! I know I don’t comment too much these days but I always check-in with you and listen to your podcast on Mondays. It seems your (not so) new life is a great success and I hope the new year brings nothing but the same. I can’t wait to read the new book. Best to you (and Jack, of course).


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