2010 in pictures: slideshow of an extreme year

CALL IT THE YEAR OF EXTREMES: An extra-early spring, an extra-dry summer, an extra-wet fall (or was that just the way it felt by contrast, since summer had been so rainless?). And lots of shoveling at both ends as one winter faded, and another eventually arrived. Want to wander through a photographic recollection of 2010 in the garden, good times and bad?
Click on the first thumbnail to start the show, then toggle from slide to slide with the arrow keys on your computer, or by clicking the arrow next to each caption, which tells the story of the year gone by. Enjoy.

  1. NancyH says:

    As a denizen of the eastern US, where extreme weather is not common, I feel as if we are the last bastion of moderation. Our lives are often (lately) affected by weather that seems extreme for us. It appears that global changes will certainly get us eventually.

  2. Tricia says:

    Thanks for an amazing recap.

    Despite all the aggravation I felt this year simply trying to keep things alive, somehow that memory is receding. Seeing the photos of your tulips, I am already feeling the itch for Spring to arrive.

    Time to pour over some catalogs. :)

  3. Deborah says:

    When I view your slideshows I don’t get the captions or arrows, so I have to go back to the main post each time to get to the next picture. Any idea what might be wrong with my PC settings? I turned off the pop-up blocker for your site, and can’t think what else might be causing it. Thanks.

  4. that could be a book in itself! what a joy to walk through the seasons with you and your heavenly world. the peonies, the yellow spider, the cool frog, the japanese maple…you make it all appear effortless; no wonder you only sat in those chairs twice!

  5. Susan says:


    With your blessing, I have snagged a copy of your maple leaves to accompany my suggestion on Garden Variety that readers visit your photo gallery of 2010 and take note of your new book.

    All success!!


  6. Denise says:

    I am new to your website and very much enjoyed your slideshow. I am anxiously waiting for the time when I can get back out in the garden and start working again.

  7. Judy in Kansas says:

    Loved picture 35 of your desk and writing area. I’ve become fascinated lately with seeing where other women do their work…having just found a great quarterly magazine Where Women Create.
    In picture 51, close to the window, is a gorgeous pot that looks like either a pineapple or a pine cone or something close. Would love to see a closeup of it.
    Great slide show and great inspiration during these cold, dreary days.

    1. Margaret says:

      Angela, you are too nice. I will keep sending the good news, promise, particularly with such great encouragement as yours.

  8. Margaret Andrews says:

    Once again your slideshow has inspired me to scribble down many ‘must find’ plants for my own garden – must find them in a nursery followed by a must find room for them. Stunning photography!

  9. Marilyn says:

    Man, I wish I could grow some lovely roses way up here in our north country! Lovely anything would be great. The choices are kinda few.

    1. margaret says:

      I don’t know how cold you are, Marilyn — what zone? The Buck roses are Z4 with protection (Z5 without) I think, and the Canadian Explorer series was developed in Ottawa and they’re growin in Z4 and even 3 I think (and warmer of course).

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