2 weeks until pub date: 5 ways you can help now

THERE’S NO VIDEO OR BOOK GIVEAWAY in this post, so I understand if you’re inclined to skip it.  But I’m hoping you’ll read on, and help make “And I Shall Have Some Peace There,” coming two weeks from today, on February 23, a success. I’m not very comfortable asking for help, or “selling” myself. I’d rather talk about plants, or creative inspirations. But I am extremely proud of the book–and then there’s this:

Book-writing is key to the scaled-down life I’ve consciously chosen since I left my career, paycheck and benefits. Along with part-time consulting, writing is how I support myself. The garden blog is what I jokingly call my non-profit work…it costs money to run it, but pays back in the pleasure I derive creating it and in your companionship and conversation.

So as awkward as it is, here goes: Here are 5 things you can do to help me succeed. The most expensive “ask” runs $16 to $26, depending where you shop. The others cost nothing at all. Won’t you:

1. Buy a book (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?).

2. Share and Like my book video, showing it to others I might not know, but you do.

3. Join, or “Like” my book’s page on Facebook. (There’s one for the garden blog, too.)

4. Forward one of my recent emails, such as yesterday’s (which is right here) to friends. (What? You don’t subscribe already? Well, go ahead.)

5. Wish me giant luck. In the Chinese zodiac, this is the Year of the Golden Rabbit, the luckiest sign of all. I’m not so crazy about bunnies in the garden…but this golden one hopping into my life now: I’ll take it!

P.S. — Remember, you don’t have to do any of these, and the gates to A Way to Garden and this book blog will stay open and ad-free. You are always welcome. Your visits and comments are among the many treasures of my “new” rural life, just like Andre Jordan the Doodler (his first “take” on my adventure is up top).

Thanks many times over, friends.

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  1. Rose says:

    Hi Margaret! I received your book today and it lives up to its title. You took me from a state of hang-wringing to calm in less than 10 pages. Wonderful, wonderful work. Thank you!

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Rose. Well! That’s good medicine, then…I should require a prescription with every copy! :) Keep me posted how you go. I remain nervous, but excited to have it finally “out there”.

  2. Colta Ives says:

    If I needed convincing, the Soundtrack did it! You are the green girl Dude, Margaret.
    Naturally, I’ve ordered your book.
    Keep it coming.

  3. LGL says:

    Yes, I too already have my copy!! I had special ordered your book months ago & I just picked up my copy at Reading Rock Books in Dickson,Tennessee!! Looksgreat-congrats!!

  4. Kathy M says:

    Got your book early from Amazon and have already finished it. So what if my house ,husband, and animals have been totally neglected! I did fill the birdfeeders so i could rest my eyes and watch The Brown Creeper enjoy some home made suet. The book is wonderful and struck a familiar cord in so many instances. I have always had a black cat as a companion and even had one named Bobbie Seal. My current friend is Hyssop and like Jack the demon cat can be rather demanding. Cats do own you not you them. Although now iI live in the balmy zone 7 I di spend some years in upstate New York and well remember the winters that seemed never to end only to be followed by mud season. We too were flatlanders and only got by with the help of some wonderful neighbors who taught us about country life. Southern country living is the same only warmer!
    Will reread your book at a slower pace with notebook in hand. So many tidbits of good advice for living in the present moment. Need now to go outside and see what my guides have to tell me. I heard the Red Tails calling this today and saw a Barred Owl yesterday. Any thoughts??
    Thankyou again for sharing yourself with us . Kathy

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