2 weeks until my book’s out: 5 ways you can help

YOU COULD JUST GIGGLE AT DOODLER Andre Jordan’s take (above) on my “new” life and be done with this post, but I’m hoping you’ll read on, and help make “And I Shall Have Some Peace There,” coming out two weeks from today, a success. I’m not very comfortable asking for help, or “selling” myself. I’d rather talk about plants. But I am extremely proud of the book–and then there is some practical stuff to talk about. May I bend your ear a moment?

  1. Teresa says:

    Just bought the book–can’t wait to read it! Feel it’s quite auspicious that it’s coming out on 2/23, my birthday!

  2. Ailsa says:

    Margaret, I have been a fan of yours since your place was first featured in MSL when I could put the name to the garden to the face. I am anxiously awaiting your book which I will be reviewing in my newspaper column up north ;c)

    I have also written about your garden (which I visited two summers ago on Open Garden days with the Conservancy) in the newspaper and, much more recently, on my new blog (hortus2.wordpress.com) and hopefully directed some ‘virgin’ readers to you! I wish you only the best since I know how hard it is to juggle lots of jobs (and loves), especially when the financial returns are somewhat distilled.

  3. Christine says:


    So happy for you, love the trailer and more than anything, love to spread the word on the book. Your confidence and clarity to do what that you do continues to inspire me!

    Thank YOU!

  4. Ellen says:

    I found a used copy of A Way to Garden, online a few weeks ago and I love it. I love the way you relate your experience and information on plants and things. I’ve been gardening for almost 30 years now yet, there is so much more to learn!
    I can’t wait to get my copy of ‘Peace”……I also ordered a copy for my daughter.

  5. Joan says:


    I just got a notice from Amazon that the new estimated date of arrival for your book is February 14. I can’t wait to read it –I’ve had it on pre-order for a long time.


  6. Bob says:

    Margaret …..Just ordered your book. I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time now and look forward to reading your book with my bride.

    Best of luck to you!


  7. Burndett Andres says:

    Did you know that Goodreads is recommending “And I Shall Have Some Peace There” in their Feb. new releases announcement e-mail? Yes!

  8. Karen says:

    Margaret, I feel as if I know you having enjoyed writings and podcasts. Your book just came this morning. I had pre ordered from Amazon. It isa much welcome read in this frozen tundra known as Kansas. I can’t wait to dive into it. Thanks, Karen

  9. Ami says:

    Your book arrived from Amazon! It is out in the world at large now, Margaret. My copy arrived in Ghent yesterday, Saturday Feb 12. I’m pulling the ottoman up to the club chair, stretching out my legs and starting a fire. Digging in!

  10. Deborah says:

    The links in your post for buy-the-book and May-I-Bend-your-ear-a-minute go to Page Not Found. A temporary problem I’m sure…

    1. Margaret says:

      Thanks, Deborah. Yes, a temporary but irritating problem. It’s intermittent (making it harder to fix) but will nail it don shortly, hopefully by tomorrow. Think it’s working now…

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