2 book-giveaway winners, and more to come

I FEEL LIKE THIS IS VEGAS, and I am spinning the roulette wheel. And the winner is, lucky number…? But before the news of who scored my original and now collectible book, “A Way to Garden,” an announcement: Because the response was so positive (for which I thank you all), I’ll host monthly book giveaways this growing season. I’ve secured copies of my all-time favorites—new and old—to share in coming months, including some vintage Ruth Stout and the recent fresh-from-the-garden cookbook, “Love Soup,” among others. But back to the business at hand…the big random drawing (drumroll, please):

I guessed out loud to a friend that we’d see 500 entries. Not a bad guess, Margaret: After 519 (minus my own 3 welcome messages embracing hundreds of first-time commenters) we finished out at 516 eligible comments before midnight my time Friday.  Using the random-number generator on Random.org, the winners are:

  • Number 50, Mary from Minneapolis, and,
  • Number 513, Tracey, who lost limbs from her apple tree, as I did, in recent storms.

Congratulations to you both.

Most of all, though, let me repeat my sincere thanks to all of you who came out of the background and commented for the first time. It was great to meet you, finally (all you lurkers!).

Because it was the second birthday week of the blog, it was especially sweet to hear from you at this time. As a result of the outpouring, we also passed the 10,000-comment mark during this contest, too, so it all felt like a giant celebration to me. Nice.

I hope that you’ll speak up whenever the spirit moves you—here in comments, or on the Forum—and look forward to the April book event. Stay tuned!

  1. Tracey says:

    Whoop! I can hardly type for all the leaping up and down!
    You know, I didn’t know about your blog untill I stumbled across it one day while I was searching for a copy of your book. This is a big deal to me. You have been my long-distance Garden Mentor for a good while now. Thanks so much, Margaret!

  2. Linda says:

    I am so happy there is more and if I could be so fortunate to win a Ruth Stout it would go directly to my sister. Your entry on Ruth and the video clip transformed her. She can’t stop talking about her.
    Then there is Love Soup also one of my favorites but I’m an old Anna Thomas fan from Vegetarian Epicure days. My copy is currently held together by a rubber band.
    Finally the link you posted to the Library of Congress collection of WPA posters has so enriched my life and my work (I’m always searching for great images related to plants and farms).
    No matter the outcome, thank you, thank you. Your site is an incredible resource.

  3. kay graham says:

    I was intrigued with your book so I found a reasonably priced one in England, should be here soon. My garden won a prize and I am sooooo excited. Check it out . Go to WITF. com, the magazine Central Pennsylvania, and the article Living Treasures. It is just such a nice thing to have happened. It is rainy and colder here also.

  4. Heidi says:

    Such fun to hear about gardening books. My newest favorite is The Intimate Garden by Gordon and Mary Hayward. Describes how their garden in Vermont developed over 20 years. Book talk is good!…just waiting for yours, Margaret.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Heidi, and thank you. Am in “waiting” mode here, too. :) Do you know “We Made a Garden” by Margery Fish (a vintage English little gem)? Now you have me thinking of more directions to go with this, after mentioning the Hayward book. Uh-oh. Hope to see you again soon — we can wait together.

  5. TC says:

    Congrats to the winners.

    But I was so hoping to win Ruth Stout’s “Gardening Without Work: For the Aging, the Busy, and the Indolent.” There’s a few used copies available on Amazon, the least expensive one is $75, which is a little steep for me. But considering how hard it is trying to find it, I might break down and buy it anyway. A master gardener friend of mine gave me a DVD copy of “Ruth Stout’s Garden,” it’s the same video you had posted here via YouTube.

    And just in case you like poetry:

  6. Kathy says:

    Alicia’s book transforms one into the world of color, design and beauty, all of which make me drool over a book that I’d enjoy spending time with. As a gardener and artist, I’m totally fascinated with the world of color threads and the pictures they create. Maybe one day I learn how to do that magic. Thank you.

  7. k.braverman says:

    Please enter me in the drawings for ‘way to garden’.
    I am a subscriber.
    Margaret, thanks for the parsley freezing info. I had mammoth parsley plants this year. I did the ‘chopped in broth in ice cube trays’ version, but really liked the ‘rolling in bags’ method and look forward to seeing how they fare long about February.
    Happy Holidays,
    Kate B.

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