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Margaret's garden clogs and trowelTHE MONTHLY GARDEN CHORES are one of the most popular features on A Way to Garden (and they are all archived at this link). Though the how-to I offer in those columns will apply most anywhere–pruning a rose or sowing a tomato seed is similar, wherever the rose or tomato may grow–the when is not the same, of course.

To help you adjust the timing of my tips: My garden is in Zone 5B, in the Hudson Valley (NY)-Berkshires (MA) area, where frost can persist well into May and typically arrives again sometime in October. For more zone-specific help, I’ve collected links, below, to some detailed garden calendars from elsewhere around the country that I was able to track down.

Please note: There was not a good calendar for every state and microclimate within a state to be found. Within the list below, I expect you’ll find some directional choices for where you garden. If you know of another calendar I should include, let me know.

If you’re trying to figure out when to sow vegetable-garden, herb and annual flower seed, try my seed-sowing calculator, customizable to your frost-free dates.

monthly garden-chore calendars by region

far west



Cailfornia–University of California Extension:

California–“Los Angeles Times”







south and mid-atlantic





North Carolina–N.C. State University Extension:


South Carolina


West Virginia

southwest and intermountain regions


New Mexico


Texas–via Texas A&M University Extension:

Each month for many years, the “Aggie Horticulture Newsletter” from TAMU Extension carried Bill Welch’s calendar. Samples from the archives:


united kingdom

  1. Kathy says:

    I live in south Burlington, Vermont 05403. . Can you tell my the zone here? We are so close to the lake it seems like we’re in a microclimate as opposed to the next towns east.

    I love your newsletter. I heard you speak at the Worcester Botanical Garden 20 or so years ago & have followed you ever since.

    Kathy Boozan

    1. Jacqui Bishop says:

      Hmmm! Scanning down this section was interesting. Even including the United Kingdom!

      I’m British but have for many years now lived in British Columbia, Canada.

      I was disappointed that there was not even one footstep over the United States northern border to include Canada.

      I’ve always enjoyed your column, your work and commitment.

      Hope British Columbia can get a nod now and then.



  2. Marian Wolf says:

    I am looking for the calendar for Minnesota and do not find it in the list above. I live in zone 4B and you live in zone 5B so I would think there would still be a considerable difference in time when things would be done in the garden.

    I enjoy reading your newsletter and it is always interesting to read. I truly appreciate how much information you share for us gardeners out there. Thank you.

    Marian Wolf

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Marian. The University of Minnesota extension website has a brief to-do list that is here. You could also click around their website for more details under specific topics like vegetable and flower gardening and so on. Wish they had a more comprehensive calendar but …

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