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robinhood logoI DO HAVE A VOICE! (I don’t just type and post words on a screen, really.) Since spring 2010, I’ve been taping a 24ish-minute weekly public-radio gardening program with my neighbors down the road in Sharon, Connecticut, at Robin Hood Radio, “the smallest NPR station in the nation.” Right from the start, I fit right in, since Robin Hood Radio’s other motto is: “Slightly Off, But Very Good.” The New York Times called them “NPR’s minnow,” in fact. The show is available free as a podcast and was named a “top-5″ garden show by “The Guardian” in 2013, alongside some pretty amazing others.

‘A top-5 gardening podcast,’–Sheila Averbuch, ‘The Guardian’ newspaper

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LISTEN LIVE in the Litchfield Hills-Berkshires-Hudson Valley area at about 8:30 AM EDT on Mondays, or to the replay on Saturday mornings around 8:30, or to the podcast anytime. Choose a delivery method: