oh you hairy beast, you

you-hairy-beastLEST YOU THINK I SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ALONE, digging holes out back then running in to blog about it, be assured I have plenty of company. Including several dozen affectionate amphibian types like this deliciously hairy beast, who lets me cop the occasional feel.

June 17, 2008


  1. says

    @Erika: Welcome to A Way to Garden (and sorry to ruin your morning caffeine infusion). I just love my frog boys, and really cannot control myself around them.
    @Paige: I will discuss chickens with Jack, promise. As for how the frogs allow my advances, not quite sure. It’s as if they think that I do not really see them even when I’m holding them, they stay so incredibly still…like maybe I won’t notice that there’s a frog in the handful of duckweed if they just act like statues.

  2. says

    Okay, do you have a method for controlling that duck weed? My frogs are looking like relatives of yours! Balancing the camera while holding ‘hairball’ must have been a challenge.

  3. Brian G. says

    Are you on equally familiar terms with the snakes? My house is in Eastern Columbia County and I have snakes up the, well you get my drift. They LOVE to congregate at my back door for some reason. Harmless, but I’d rather have frogs.

  4. says

    Welcome, Brian G., to A Way to Garden. Yes, snakes…some years more than others, and sometimes in the house (yuck). Is there a big stone slab at the back door, or any rock wall nearby? Their favorite haunts. I would never hurt one but they do make me shiver.

  5. Brian G. says

    Thanks for the welcome, happy to be here. It is a particularly warm corner of the house but I think the actual reason they choose this spot as their hang out is the abundance of baby chipmunks and mice. Shiver indeed!

  6. says

    @Brian: Now that you mention carnivorous creatures, I will reveal that my bullfrogs catch and eat mice, too. True! Maybe I could post a photo, but some people would freak, I think. I have documented it…an unbelievable sight. Shiver bigtime.

  7. says

    Our neighbors maintain a small pond and I can hear those “croakers a’croakin’” in the evening… actually a very pleasant and bucolic sound.

  8. says

    oooo, cute friend you got there. My little pond has lots of frog citizens too. They are much more entertaining than fish. I like that some have gotten so used to me that I have to shoo them away when I want to work where they are sitting.

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