may 10 slideshow: apple blossoms, fern croziers

lilacs and apples closerIPLANNED ANOTHER SLIDESHOW of what’s blooming here, the third weekly installment since spring 2011 started taking hold. And then…my camera angrily decided against it this morning, as I headed out to document the latest arrivals. Off to the shop it goes. Thankfully, a loaner is en route from a friend–and I had taken a few photos yesterday that will have to tide us over. That big cloud above is made of apple blossoms, and there are fern croziers and the start of the lilacs, too. Enjoy!

Click on the first thumbnail to start the slides, then toggle from one to the next using the arrow keys on your computer or the arrows beside each caption.

May 10, 2011


  1. says

    Love the apple blossoms. I have a bunch of cherry blossoms in waiting in my front yard here in Nova Scotia. If only it would stop raining and warm up. Ugh!

    Our 79th annual Apple Blossom Festival kicks off up here on May 25th. I’m linked to the website if anyone wants to take a look. ;)

  2. Terryk says

    The garden looks perfect, don’t know how you keep up. With every slide show I see another shrub I want. Is this one fragrant?

  3. Kathy says

    Very Nice Margaret, I live in central MN and our trees are showing a few leaves today.
    My tulips are blossoming though, I wish they would last longer. My Lilac bush has not even blossomed yet. It’s finally Spring here. :-)

  4. Brenda says

    Very nice pics margaret. I just love your patio too. Do you happen to have any specifics on it? What kind of rock for the retaining walls? Is the middle of it a gravel type bed?

  5. Coastal Jan says

    What a beautiful scene! Do I ever need to get to work in my yard. What an oasis you’ve created.

  6. says

    Our lilac bloom has been disappointing this year (as if a lilac can be disappointing). Maybe I was spoiled by last year’s spectacular display, which was nearly 3 times that of this year.

  7. Joan says

    I don’t have room for an apple tree so I drive around, camera in tow, and take pictures of other people’s trees. They seem particularly lush this spring, as does yours.

  8. tilly says

    Beautiful .. It takes my breath away to look at the pics..I can only imagine what it must smell like….You have achieved greatness and lasting beauty in creating a paradise on earth….

    • says

      Welcome, Tilly. It’s that magical time of year…and then it will all be gone and there will be deadheading galore instead! :) But yes, lovely now, and so fragrant. Hope to see you soon again.

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