homecoming: a lecture in ‘newsday’ country

margaret roach under willow
IT FEELS A BIT LIKE A HOMECOMING, the plan to go to Long Island later this month and give a lecture in “Newsday” territory, where I was once the garden editor. If you are nearby, won’t you consider joining us October 26 at 7 PM for the talk to benefit Planting Fields Arboretum? I’ll be speaking about making a 365-day garden, even when you live in a cold-winter zone like the Northeast (read more about my philosophy here). Tickets are $10, and can be reserved by calling (516) 922-8676, or emailing emcgurk [at] plantingfields [dot] org.

October 12, 2011


  1. Linda says

    Hey Margaret….what happened to your right wrist? Carpal Tunnel surgery? Attacked by the frog boys? Hope you are recovering well…..

    • says

      Hi, Linda — and it’s fine. I was wearing disposable gloves in the photo (taken last year), and they look like they have wristbands or something (they’re just too big). :)

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