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    How can I get rid of bindweed? I have tried vinegar, I’ve tried pulling it out, I have even put black paper of it. Nothing seems to stop it. It seems to grown without sunlight. Help!



    Organic Weed killer

    Perhaps this weed killing remedy might help, it kills weeds around my place and I am careful not to get it on anything else that I want to keep in the garden. I find it particularly useful to kill weeds that come up between paths.

    Mix 1 cup of common salt with 4 cups of white vinegar. I heat the mixture in a pot on the stove to dissolve the salt and I find if I use it close to boiling temperature it seems to kill the weeds quicker.

    Hope this is helpful.



    I also found a website that you might find useful regarding getting rid of bindweed: it tells how to get at the roots and suggests a chemical weed killer that might help.—What-is-It-and-How-to-Get-Rid-of-It&id=1272026

    Best of luck



    Thanks I will give this a try.

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