a garden buddha who wears many hats

buddha cap 2YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT HE’LL SHOW UP IN NEXT, that big bust of Buddha out back by the frogpond. Such a snappy dresser. Catch a glimpse of a few of his recent looks (all washed away now by 60-ish degrees and Monday’s Big Meltdown….um, is that a waterfall I hear in the basement?):

It usually starts out innocently enough, like this:

buddha frosted

Besides the stocking cap (top photo), he’s got a toque and a beret, too (below), not to mention various scarves and cloaks:

buddha dollop

buddha muffin

He and I and the garden are hoping for more snow cover before long; it’s way too early to be without our blanket (or a cozy hat).

January 26, 2010


    • says

      Welcome, Elizabeth. He makes me smile all the time with his antics…especially when chipmunks sit on his head (or even frogs), like in this old post. Hope to see you again soon.

      @Joseph: I hadn’t thought of that, but you are right. So Japanese. I will let him know you say so.

      @Johanna: White is the new black, but my mother always said not to wear it between Labor Day and Memorial Day…Buddha didn’t get her memo. :)

  1. Deirdre says

    Silly Buddha! Shoulder pads are coming back, but the fullness is at the edge of the shoulders.

    Hope you’re wrong about the flood in the basement.

    • says

      @Deirdre: The water only got to a couple of inches down there, thankfully, before the pounding rains stopped. Always tricky when the ground is frozen during big thaws/rains. The water seeped into the ground finally, and the dehumidifier is now drying things out. Life in an old house!

  2. Claudia Bonn says

    Dear Margaret,
    Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring lecture yestserday at the Brooklyn Botantic Garden — what a treat for everyone in the room! Best wishes, Claudia

    • says

      Welcome, Claudia. I hope it was OK…I have to say to have been tucked in here in Nowheresville for weeks on end and then to drive to Brooklyn Botanic to a room of 350 or so professional hort types to lecture may have been a bit of a shock to my hermit system. Nice of you so say something kind, and also so nice to finally meet you face to face. Hope it will happen again soon (meaning I must keep leaving the house, right?). :)

  3. Rosemary says

    Buddha makes it work. How sublime! Can’t wait for the next fashion flurry. Thank you Margaret for such a fun post!

  4. says

    Welcome, Rosemary. Yes, he makes any look work, doesn’t he? And “fashion flurry” — very clever. Hope to see you soon again.

    Ditto to all of you; glad you enjoyed the peek at the Big Guy. I could sit here forever watching him; always a show.

  5. Joy says

    Margaret ! I also have a meditation buddha and he does look very much at ease in my garden even when the snow is up to his nose .. he is a very laid back fellow as yours it : )
    I’m having one heck of a time still trying to find a supplier for the Korean Maple I am obsessed with.
    I am determined to find one !! LOL

  6. Patti says

    Thank you for the smile. It has been a long damp winter here in Ontario, Canada. Can’t wait to get out scratching around.

    • says

      Welcome, Patti. Smiles are no charge here (actually everything is no charge here), and we have plenty. Do stop in anytime and say hello again; nice to “meet” you.

  7. Daisy Marshall says

    How I enjoy these posts, me the non gardener subscriber to your wondrous publication.A friend of a friend had a little darling house in Palm Beach with various stunning Buddhas in the yard (now, That was a Garden) well he sold the house and now one of the Buddhas (I think the largest one) now graces her son’s beautiful back yard (now, That was some move) When I come to visit I always feel blessed and inspired by his holy presence. I am forwarding this to her as I know she’ll enjoy it even if there is no possibility that this Buddha will ever be able to wear these fine ice lace robes. Thank You Margaret! Daisy.

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